The Milano Residences interior design by VERSACE HOME
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Robbie Antonio

Robbie Antonio is an Executive Vice-President and the Head of Business Development at Century Properties. He is in charge of spearheading the firm's luxury brand developments.

The Milano Residences interior design by Versace Home was personally facilitated by Robbie who pitched the idea to Mr. Santo Versace, the president and co-chief executive officer of Versace. The firm responded enthusiastically, honing in on a deal that would put Manila firmly on the map of worldwide luxury-branded living.

"Versace Home, the authority in showing the essential art of luxury living, is now in Manila through the Milano Residences," said Robbie Antonio. "To have a Versace Home interior designed address presents a rare opportunity, and an immense value to both end users and investors for units are very few and are considered collectible real estate."

The Partnership

Versace understood the latent possibilities presented by Manila's growing economy. The match between iconic fashion brand and burgeoning upper class citizenry seemed especially fitting.

"The Versace world is not just expressed in fashion, but in the full spectrum of art and creativity: accessories, perfumes, mobile phones, watches and everything else you can see and admire today," Mr. Santo Versace said. "From our love of beauty comes home furnishings that tell of a genuine lifestyle. It is a label that embodies the famous characteristics of the 'Made in Italy' world with its style, quality and individuality."

This multifaceted dynamic has allowed Versace Home and Century Properties to create a building that resonates with buyers on many levels. Robbie Antonio is particularly pleased with the project. "It's shaping up to be a definitive landmark, one that will help define the Makati skyline in a new and unique way," he said. "We're offering amazing homes for people who desire this kind of heightened living experience and we're also giving the city a landmark to be proud of."

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